Event this Wednesday

Come join me and other wonderful authors as we celebrate the release of The Hidden Kingdom! My takeover starts at noon. The even will be in Sarah Cradit’s group. Click the link to join!https://www.facebook.com/groups/kingdomofthewhitesea/

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Learning how to write Tip 1

READ, READ, and READ some more. I know this sounds cliché, and we’ve all probably heard it before, but I believe it to be true. There are so many thing you can learn by reading a book. For instance, how to show instead of tell, how to describe characters, how to transition form one scene…

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Character obstacles

So as I was doing laundry after a long trip to the grocery store, I started thinking about obstacles a character might have. These every day things that we do all the time could easily be used as an obstacle that’s standing in your characters way, or maybe even putting them behind from doing what…

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Notebooks or Computer

I love my computer, but I’ve always been a fan of notebooks ever since middle school. To me there’s nothing better than the feeling of writing my first draft in a cheap composition book. I don’t use white*out and my handwriting is a hot mess, but that’s okay, I’m getting the words down on paper.…

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New Section

Check out the scenes section under photos. There you’ll find photos that remind me of a scene from my book The Sun Daughter’s Gift, or that inspired one.

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Desk Tour

As promised, here is my desk tour. I had to go with pictures instead, because for some reason the video wouldn’t upload. Still haven’t figured out why. There are descriptions below the pic, and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.

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